I often misunderstand people’s real intentions and it gets me the wrong path to relationships. But the funny thing is being misinterpreted by people for my real intentions.

I met this guy, a friend I’d like to have. A friend I’d like to keep for friendship sake. For a few minutes of talking, he expects me to praise him and make him feel dominant. He expects me to love him more than what I want. I just smile and think to myself, ” Life is unfair to people who make themselves a fool for believing that a person like me would be interested in them.” Why would I think that?

I am a person who loves to go out with people with the same hobbies or interests as me. I am a person who loves to chat all day with people who has dreams and goals and a real plan of action in their minds.

I am not that person who meets people just because and ends up the day sleeping with them. I am not that person who can just go out with people who wants to hang out and nothing else.

My words and actions may have been in a different language because people often lose themselves in translation with me. I am quite lost here.


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