Your first taste of alcohol. Your first taste of life outside your home. A series of firsts where all you did was take everything for granted. And you’ve got yourself a line of stags at your back. You think you aren’t beautiful and you keep wondering what is so great about you that people want to go after you. Yeah, you think your nose blocks all possibilities of a love so romantic. But that’s what happened and you were so full of it. You fell deeply in love, but with the wrong guy. Of all people, the man whom you barely know and barely even trust. But you did not think twice and you went straight for the ground floor.

The memories stay like they happened yesterday, even if the person involved isn’t around to make you remember them. But everything is still fresh and crisp like the morning sun. His face too close, his hair brushing on you, and the way he held you in his skinny arms.

You are alone on that corner again, in the dark, just watching the flickering lights of the city in the night. How I wish I could comfort you. How I wish I could lend you a warm blanket that could ease up your troubled heart. You have big a heart no one can see. You make things so romantic even if it doesn’t have to be. Your favorite word would be “Sentimental Value” and you were born to love red. The people around you might not see your worth, at least the people you don’t expect to know you are the ones who knows a little too much about you. I love you just the way you are and I thank you for being that brave girl who faced the world with tears well hidden behind the mask.

You are a wonderful actress, pretended nothing happened. Without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Without you I would not know how great love is and what real romance feels like. I guess your age was the best year ever…for now.

This post was inspired by The Daily Post


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